Sometimes in this cozy room my feet get cold, I feel the shivers travel, right through my heart, into the silent soul. The eyes fail to make anything, it is all white, everywhere, distant noises fade away, quieter, every passing day silence overtakes them, the screams that rage inside of me. I look around and see nothing…

My Miracle

I looked faraway, in an uncertain place, at a distant time, while it was right here, inside me, the miracle, I had been waiting for. Unnoticed, Unappreciated, Ignored, oblivious to my seeking eyes. Our small moments, of togetherness, of shared love, of laughs and tears, of fights and make ups, of dreams and fears, all right here, all…


I listened to every word that you said on that day a resounding slap to my heart was the silence that passed between us after all our time, I realized It was just me, and never us.        

The Song of Spring

Behold them colors Ah! what sight, refresh your soul, let them in, through your eyes. The fresh pink, the chirpy yellow, the naughty lilacs, the pansy blues, the serene whites, between the naked earth and green, dancing with the spring wind, to the chirping birds, singing songs of love and life. I hear them Tulips…


If love is a game to you, you are playing alone, holding back, planning the next move, going by the rules someone scribed, manipulating me to love me, than I am not game to you. If love is being who we are, in all my imperfections and in yours, reaching out to hearts, accepting, cherishing,…


I look around and know I am not alone, there are millions more shedding a quiet tear, broken smiles, wounded souls; not giving in, striving more, on the fading paths knowing unknowing themselves in days and in them nights between self love and inner fights amidst happiness and silly joys a little of me,I see, when…

Being a Woman

Softhearted, a strong resilient soul of kindness, love and forgiveness; an epitome filled with hope, warmth and happiness a lowered gaze, head held high in pride and not in arrogance modest, charming; an unyielding solace a ray of happiness, a source of strength gather up your spirits lady you are who you want to be, baby….


I keep writing, scribbling down on every piece, on every space my name, your name impressing on my soul, as if the idea of us, our togetherness searching for a life that would be if only, I had you and you had me.  

Spring Rain

Slanting off the Pines and Panes adamant droplets of young rain amidst the winds and the sun battling for its own space darkened skies in black and gray the spring rain finally makes its way.

I see

What there is, I see not what I see, there is not I close my eyes and see all of them discreet, scattered shards, one and all of the same truth.

My Delusions

I loved flying, away from the reality, into another world, that lived inside of me, for the fear of this world, being too much for me, until that day, when I met You, and the more I kept seeing You, the more the world faded away off me.


I soared high in the blue skies flying like a free bird content in my world, my dreams One day, I flew over the garden of pure bliss charmed by the colors rejuvenated by the stream across the tall dark green trees as I drank in, the essence I suddenly yearned for you wanting for…