Faraway in a distant land they meet everyday one hurts, one heals one is loved, one loves one takes, one gives one talks, one listens one says, one feels one laughs, one cries one is mind, one is soul. Advertisements


I am hurt,Β  she thought You are scared, she heard I am worried of what will be you are only frightened to fall it is out there waiting for me it is all here in your mind.


You laughed, I laughed with you you cried, I wiped away your tears I laughed, you forced a smile I cried, you laughed at my fears.    


It was time that I let go of everything that held me to you tearing apart my soul from you broke me into a million parts. Time will heal the wounds but I am scared you will always live with me in the scars.  

Rise and Shine

The sunflower beamed, its loveliest smile at me, kissing my hand, it said to me, be bright, be sunny, be generous, be kind, everywhere you go, spread the seeds of love, of happiness, of peace. Hold up your head high, but humble your heart and soul. Seek the sun in your life, everyday, my darling,…

Two Worlds

We are two worlds you said, two separate worlds like night and day chasing each other beautiful and evading.

The Glass Jar

She looked back one last time, as her slender fingers clasped around the door knob. She retrieved her steps looking longingly at the picture on the coffee table. Her small world captured in a frame. No, I cannot do this. I have to go. If I stay any longer, I will never have the courage…

Ramadan Reminiscence

There are no Adhaans, no call to prayers in this part of the world, I miss the melody that ring in the air, across the world in another part, more in these blessed days, there are no sahar khan, no waqt-e-sahar drum shouts, on the roads No announcements, no pronouncements, of Iftaar, Iftaar, Iftaar ringing…

The Amusement Park

The glittering lights, the noise in the air, laughing, excitement, aroma of delights, colorful candies, the fun shrieks of riders, the yohoos, the bohoos, the roller coasters galore, the play games , the toys, the disappointment of not winning, the sheer fun of trying, again and again, the lasting memories of a carefree life! After…


There are two ways, I look at life, one with my eyes, that read too much, one with my heart, that cares too much. One sees what it wants to the other believes in delusions, between the two, is torn apart, in agony, pain and tears, theΒ  urge of a seeking soul.  


Nobody on earth died twice his eyes took it off the wall, a little laugh inside his head, teased his broken heart, poked at his soul, nobody died on earth twice, the broken peices of his heart sighed!  


Sometimes in this cozy room my feet get cold, I feel the shivers travel, right through my heart, intoΒ the silent soul. The eyes fail to make anything, it is allΒ white, everywhere, distant noises fade away, quieter, every passing day silence overtakes them, the screams that rage inside of me. I look around and see nothing…