Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #24

Today the ayah that we have, is a reminder of the trials we face in this world. And it answers a lot of questions, we believers have. So keep reading.

Or think you that you will enter Paradise without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and were so shaken that even the Messenger and those who believed along with him said, “When (will come) the Help of Allah?” Yes! Certainly, the Help of Allah is near!

(Al Baqarah 2:214)

In our lives, we often face a lot of troubles, hardships and misery. For some, there is not a day, when they don’t face life, the hard way. Things don’t work, people get difficult, situations worsen, and it seems like there is not even a little measure of happiness written down for you. More often than not, we have all had this kind of experience. When we begin to think why it is always us that bad things happen to? Why is it always us, that suffer? Why do bad things happen to the good people? How come the bad ones are soaring the skies in happiness and success and the good ones, are struggling with one thing or the other in their lives? There are so many questions we have of our life, so many things we complain about. This ayah is the answer to all these questions!

This life is a test and trial for a believer. When we say, we believe, we have got to prove it too, with our deeds, our actions. Just mere saying that we do, is not enough. And neither can that determine the truth of our claim. That is why, Allah swt puts us to tests and trials. That is what this ayah is all about.

Allah swt says in this ayah that do the believers think that they will say we believe and we will take their word for it, without actually testing their claims. Allah swt knows already whether or not you are truthful in your claim. What He swt wants to see is how much you can put up with, for your belief, for your claim.

Honestly, I think it is more for us to understand how much faith and belief we have. It is only through trials and difficulties, that you get to see your inner state of imaan. Maybe Allah swt wants, us to know where we stand with our claim. We think we believe, but then at the time of such moments, we truly realize how much faith we have, how much we trust and believe in Allah swt.

Looking back at some incidents in my life, which at those times seemed the most cruel things that could ever happen, I realized later, that those were tests and trials, which at first I miserably failed to see and understand. I was young and had just begun to learn Islam, even though I am a born Muslim, but I think there always comes a time, when you want to know things for yourself. Not what is handed down to you, which is mostly religion mixed with culture. Such trials, as hard as they may be for you, are test for your faith which consequently bring nothing but good to you, directly and indirectly. Here or the Hereafter. How those incidents changed the course of my life, in both good and not so good way, is still something I contemplate on.

Allah swt has and will always put His believers to trial, to purify them, to check on them, to strengthen their belief, from past nations, through the present and to the future. All will have to face these trials and tests. For some poverty is a trial, for some too much money is a trial, for some mishaps, losing loved ones, tough life is a trial, daily struggles for rizk, all these account to be tests from Allah swt. Different people have different tests and trials which change with times. While for a poor person, his poverty is a trial, once Allah swt makes him rich, his money then, too can be a means of his trial.

Allah swt wants to see how we will behave in our tests. How we will take our trials. Are we patient with them? Do we work hard or do we cheat through them? Do we take our lessons from them, or do we just cry and complain about them? Do we remember Allah swt in times of our tests or do we forget Him swt? Whether we are grateful or ungrateful to Him swt? These are the few things that Allah swt wants to check in us and our faith through these trails.

There is another beautiful aspect to these trials that demands more attention. The good part of this lovely reminder is, that Allah swt for sure tests the believers, but then He swt also, rewards them for it. And in more than one way!

One, if you are patient with your trial, that is take it as a decree of Allah swt, do not curse your fate, and accept it and are still grateful and obedient to Allah swt, then there is for you twice the ease with your hardship and more reward in the Hereafter, in sha Allah.

Second, these tests and trials, become a means of strengthening you. Not only do they make you spiritually stronger, but also make you strong in your intellect and emotions. When you face difficult things in life, when a calamity strikes, things and people around you begin to reveal themselves, lets just say, in their true colors. You get an insight to how people appear and actually are, and same is for other things and situations. What seems the end of the world at the strike of misery, is just a new beginning to something more beautiful that Allah swt has prepared for you.

Third, the hardships you face in your life become a means of your purification. As goes the popular hadeeth, No believer is pricked by a thorn, that Allah swt removes from him, a certain share of his sins. If nothing else, you are loosing on your sins, which is good enough, for when you meet your Rabb, you will be pure!

Last but not the least, no matter how hard life is, no matter how difficult it gets, always remember that Allah swt loves you, more than anyone else in the world could ever love you, and also, that He swt does not burden a soul more than it can take! You can make through it, whatever storm comes your way. He swt sends it your way, to unleash the inner hidden strength that you don’t know you have ๐Ÿ™‚ And as for happiness, if it notย  here, it is certainly there. In a more just, eternal world of happiness and everlasting love ๐Ÿ™‚

Next time, things become difficult for you, the first thought you should have is that Allah loves you, that is why He swt is testing you. He swt wants to make you strong and purify you. And if He swt has brought it to you, He swt will see you though it! Have patience, faith and of course trust in Allah swt.

May Allah swt make things easy for us. May Allah swt make our tests and trials a means of Jannah for us, a means of purification for us. Ya Allah let us see the trials as they are meant to be, reaffirmation of our faith and belief. Ya Allah keep us among the believers who are patient at all times and especially at the time of hardships. Ya Rabb, be with us and our loved ones, and never ever abandon us.




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