Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #22

The days are flying by and we are now in the last week of Ramadan. Subhan Allah! It is like the month passed away in a blink. So gear up for these few days of mercy that are left and make the most of them. More worship, more prayers, more duaa! In sha allah.

Getting to our ayah of the day,

And whosoever of you is obedient to Allah and His Messenger SAW, and does righteous good deeds, We shall give her, her reward twice over, and We have prepared for her Rizqan Karima (a noble provision Paradise). (Al Ahzaab 33:31)

This ayah has been directly addressed to the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In this ayah and a few others before and after it, Allah swt addresses the Noble Ladies of His Messenger’s (pbub) household. They are reminded of their special position as the wives of the Messenger (pbuh) and their fortune of having the Quran revealed in their houses.  Allah swt tells them that they are special and would be specially dealt with as well. If they fall into error, they will be punished more than other believing women, owing to their great status, and if they do something good, then they will have a double reward, again owing to their special position as the wives of the Messenger (pbuh).

Though, this ayah is directly addressed for the women of the Prophet’s (pbuh) household, we can nevertheless apply the same to our lives as well. Our religion, Islam, is not just meant for the men, it is equally for the women as well, in all its commands, duties, sunnah and obligations. Quran is revealed for women as much as it is revealed for men, in all its principle commands.

The woman is the first school of her children, and how strong you are in your character, morals and principles, will greatly reflect in how your children are brought up and what kind of a home you are making for them. It is quite a responsibility for the parents, which the man and the woman have to shoulder together. And personally, I believe is more on the mother than the father as children get to spend more time with their mothers.

Apart from this, you, the women are an individual, and have your own relationship with your Creator. He swt created you in mercy, like He swt created the man and everything else. It is His swt’s right on you, that you worship Him swt in the perfect of manners. Your worship, your obligations are not in any ways less than that of the men. No,  you will be held as much accountable for how you lived your life as will be your counterparts. So, ensure that your relationship with Allah swt is perfect, the way it should be. All the other relationships, of being a wife, of being a mother, a daughter, a daughter in law, all these are secondary to the relation you have with Allah swt and His Messenger (pbuh).

No one perfects their Imaan unless and until they love Allah swt and His Messenger (pbuh) more than anyone and anything else in this world. This fact is as much for you as it is for the men. As is mentioned in the ayah, whoever of you, is obedient to Allah swt in all His commands, whoever of you is obedient to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh), whoever of you does righteous good deeds, whoever of you keeps away from what is forbidden by Allah swt, for them, for you, my dear sister in Islam, has Allah swt prepared a beautiful place in Jannah, Paradise. And for you is an immense reward for everything good you do, and at the same time, an equal punishment too, for every sin you fall into, except when you repent for it.

Unfortunately, it so happens within our community, that the religious aspirations and aspects take a backseat for the women in our homes. They think it is okay for them to cook for the family first, while they miss their prayers. It is sad and it shouldn’t be like this. No doubt taking care and working for your family is also a form of a rewarding worship, but you should not be doing one act of worship at the expense of another. And certainly not take for granted the obligatory ones for others! Praying on time is a duty enjoined by Allah swt on every Muslim, men and women. Take care of your obligations as a Muslimah, dear sisters.

It so happens in Ramadan, that women focus more on what their cooking for iftaar and suhoor than the additional forms of worship they should undertake in this month of blessings. Yes, it is important that you prepare food for your family, and no, it doesn’t have to be a feast that takes up your entire day, leaving not much time for you to focus on the other acts of worship. Find a balance and uphold that for this month, atl east for these last few days that we are left with. No, not the next Ramadan, start now!

Here, I want to say to those women, who are busy with children, or with families who depend too much on them on everything, don’t loose heart if you are not able to worship as much as you would want to. Just keep in mind, that the child you are nursing, the family, the parents, the household chores that are taking up all your time, leaving a few moments for extra ibadah, they too can become acts of worship for you, if your intentions are sincerely to please Allah swt. If you direct all your responsibilities as doing them for Allah swt, for keeping order in your home, in sha Allah, they will be written for you as acts of worship and you shall be rewarded for these as well. In sha Allah.

Just try to balance the responsibilities and use not the one against the other as excuse for not doing more acts of worship, or for not keeping up with the responsibilities of your home. People around you might not know your intentions, but Allah swt does! Also, make sure that the place in your heart that  is meant to be for Allah swt and His Messenger is not replaced by your families, your husband or your children. They should be at the third and fourth place in terms of your priority only after Allah swt and His Messenger. You too have to strive hard in the path to paradise. You, my lovely sister in Islam, should remember that Jannah is a beautiful place and it does not come cheap or free for anyone. Strive my beautiful sister, strive in this life to earn yourself mercy and love of Allah swt. May He swt keep us all in His mercy, love and protection.

Ya Rabb, make it easy for all of us, your women slaves to perfect our worship. Help us beautify our spiritual presence before You, help us in our daily acts of worship. Make easy for us to strike a productive balance between our deen and duniya. Forgive us ya Allah, for our shortcomings, and make Jannah easy for us.



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