The Glass Jar

She looked back one last time, as her slender fingers clasped around the door knob. She retrieved her steps looking longingly at the picture on the coffee table. Her small world captured in a frame.

No, I cannot do this. I have to go. If I stay any longer, I will never have the courage to leave.

She turned the knob and shut the door behind her.

She watched the rain drops stream down the train window. It was raining like it would never rain again.

She was not sure what she would do, but she knew she had to be someplace far away.  Her heart turned at the idea. She was not happy anymore. Over the years she had felt ignored, unloved and taken granted for.

“Darling, I am not a workaholic! I have time for you, it’s just that, this project is very important for my career. Please understand. She did, for endless projects that consumed his time for her.”

“Mom, please I am not a little girl anymore. Please don’t go on about this and that! I can live my life the way I want to. Can you just stop being so pushy and interfering!” Her teenage daughter’s response for everything.

“Its okay mom, give them some time and space, her eldest son would tell her over Skype once every month he found time to call her. He lived another life altogether, of which she was not a part of. None of them were, for over a long time now.”

She angrily wiped off her tears. She dedicated her life to them, while she was not even a part of their life anymore.

They are better off me! They can go on living as they please without as much as noticing my absence in that big house.

Her heart still ached for her youngest son that she so unwillingly had left behind. It had been really hard for her to leave him in the hands of his governess.

“Mama, when will you come back”, he asked her as she kissed him goodbye.

“Soon”, she lied watching him get distracted by a dragon fly.

“Lizzie, are you sure you want to do this”, the old governess asked. She had been with them ever since she had set foot in this house.

“Promise you wont tell them, Martha”.

“I promise, my child”.

“Be safe Lizzie.”

“I will be. I will write to you once I am there.”

The train jerked. The glass jar slid off her bag. It was their moments of happiness and life put together. She opened it and took out a small pink note.

“I love you my sweetheart. Without your support I don’t know who I would be.”

A blue one read, “To the best mom in the world, with a heart doodled over its top.”

The green one she picked was signed by them all. “To love, To Happiness, To Family!”

She waited for the next stop. She was going home.





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