Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #18

Today’s ayah is a warning, a reminder to roll up our sleeves and be ready to face the inevitable Day.

Draws near for mankind their reckoning, while they turn away in heedlessness. (Al Anbaya 21:1)

In this ayah Allah swt reminds us of the arrival of the inevitable Day. The Day when no mother shall avail her children, when each one of us will be concerned and worried only about our own souls. The Day which will make the children gray haired. That Day, that Hour is nearing us. The Judgement Day!

On that Day, we will be held in rows after rows before our Rabb. On that Day we shall relive all our life in a flashback. The movie of our life will be shown to us without any viewers’s discretion, any editing, any deleted scenes or any retakes; our life in one motion picture documenting each and every detail of our life. We will be given our Book of records on that day. Depending on whether we are of the companions of the right or those of the left, that day will be a happy or a sad day for us. May Allah swt make us among the companions of the right. Ameen.

Even though it looks like a distant day, far too away from now, it is near, and every day nearer than we think. For us, it begins the moment we die. Our first station to our final destination is the grave. However, we think not over this! We are indulged in our lives, livng days immersed in the race of worldly success, distracted by the glitters of this beautiful duniya, which is temporary and thinking we still have time.Who has guaranteed you this ‘time’. Before you know it, it will be your time! And then what?

Have you ever thougt of what will happen to you on that Day? Have you ever imagined how it would go for you? Do you see yourself happy on that Day or sad? Are you confident or shaking like a leaf at the thought of that day? What have you prepared for that Day? We all prepare for important exams, for interviews, office meeting, presentations, but for meeting with our Creator, what have we prepared? What have you prepared for the biggest and eternally life changing exam? Here you have second chances should you fail, but there you have none! There are no second chances in that world. Beaware of this.

Today, I just want to leave you with these questions. Today, I seek answers from myself too! All these years, we focused on our school, our college, degrees, job, family, marriage, children, friends, having good time, living life. Yes, we pray, we read Quran, we try keep away from sins, nevertheless we commit more knowingly and unknowingly, we gossip, we indulge in idle talk, useless entertaintment, we waste food, we waste time, we live in this world as if we are never to die. We  helps others less, we are not the Muslims, Allah swt asked us to be.

My dear fellow beings, this world and all that is in here will come to an end, the moment the angel of death will come looking for us. Are we prepared to meet our Rabb? Are we prepared to watch the movie of our life, without any shame, without any guilt? Do you think Allah swt will be happy to meet you, or will He swt be sad to meet you? Will you be happy to meet Him swt or will you be dreading the meeting with Him swt?

The time of the Hour is drawing near, and Allah warns us in this ayah that we are heedless of it. That we turn away from it, put a deaf ear to it, and ignore it like that would stop it from coming. Today, it is a hard day for us, but we should ask and sincerely answer this question for our own benefit. And please do not lie to yourself.

Are you ready to meet your Lord? Are you prepared to die?

May Allah swt awaken our dead conscience, may He swt breathe new life into our dead hearts and souls. May He swt bring us back on the straight path. May He swt help us focus on what is right and keep us away from the distractions of this duniya. May He grant us Jannah and make our Day of recokining easy for us.



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