Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #14

Yesterday, I couldn’t publish the ayah of the day; was caught between weekend to do’s, sleep and iftaar at a friends place. Subhan Allah. So, I will be posting yesterday’s ayah as well as today’s ayah as a separate post, in sha Allah. 🙂 The ayah is about Rizk and help of Allah swt.

And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things. (At Talaq 65:3)

In this ayah, Allah swt tells us about the measures of sustenance or rizk. Allah swt says, that He will provide sustenance to everybody, as He swt is Ar Razzak. All sources of your sustenance through whatever means, go back to Him alone. And the only condition he puts for this ever inflow of rizk, is to trust Him swt on the matter.

We are all struggling to survive. In a race of survival of the fittest, we sometimes get depressed that we don’t have enough, or sometimes too overwhelmed that we resort to unfair means of getting more. This includes for both the materialistic things like wealth, clothes, food, as well as for other things like our intelligence, diligence, will. We always want more than we have, or worse, more than our friends, family and neighbors have. Somehow, we never think we have enough of anything that Allah swt has blessed us with. This attitude is demeaning to our Imaan and faith, and it doesn’t lead to the path of happiness or success. Temporarily it may, yes, but eventually it does not.

We should always remember that Allah swt has already written down for us, everything that we will ever have here in this world. It is a done deal! The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried! You will get what has been written for you, neither any less of it, nor any more. As a Muslim, you have to believe this fact. Qadr (Destiny) is one of the essentials in our definition of faith.

It might be difficult, sometimes, seeing people having more than you, money or intelligence, or some other things, but always remember that everyone is blessed in a different way. Allah swt is not unjust or unfair, na’ozubillah. He swt has sustained for each of us what we need and what is good for us, for our deen, duniya and akhira. Allah swt has already set your measure in things. Your share of happiness, of sadness, of success and of failures has already been written down for you, way before you were born! Unless and until you believe in this, nothing can make you at peace with yourself. Nothing will make you content, and no matter how much you have, it will never be enough for you.

Another important aspect to this ayah is the fact that Allah swt will provide for you, always, no matter how difficult your position in life be. As long as you have tawakkul, as long as you keep your obedience to Him swt, as long as you are on the path, He swt  could never have imagined or anticipated. It happens. I am sure you all have some kind of the same experience, that when all doors are shut on your face, Allah swt opens a door that you didn’t know even existed. Allah swt’s help is always there, always! He swt will never abandon His slaves. You just need to have faith and that kinda trust on Him. That’s all He is asking for.

Therefore no matter how hard you find something is getting for you, turn to Allah swt, make duaa and handle your affairs to Him. However, here I wish to remind you, that even though the end results are always in Allah swt’s hands, the effort needed to make it, is in ours. There is more to rizk than meets the eye. You can read all about rizk here.

May Allah swt bless us in our rizk, may He swt keep us among those who are patient and content. May He swt make us firm on our belief and imaan. May He swt keep us among His grateful slaves. Ameen.



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