Ramadan Reminiscence

There are no Adhaans, no call to prayers

in this part of the world,

I miss the melody that ring in the air,

across the world in another part,

more in these blessed days,

there are no sahar khan, no waqt-e-sahar

drum shouts, on the roads

No announcements, no pronouncements,

of Iftaar, Iftaar, Iftaar

ringing in the air.

But Alhamdulillah the blessings are,

all the same, and there is barakah

in the days, and mercy of Allah

all over the place,

all sisters and brothers get together,

and break their fast,

the spirit of being one ummah

breathes here in the skies.

And even though there is no adhaan,

the blessings, the love, the mercy

all live together here,

and even though we are away from home

the essence of being home prevails.

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