Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #6

Today I am sharing with you, the Ayaat from my among personal favorites in the Quran. A couplet from among the last Surah’s of the Quran which have been a source of hope for me ever since I first came to know them. And I am sure that it has been the same for many of you as well, and it shall be so, biiznillah, for those who will read it for the first time. 🙂

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief,

Verily, with the hardship, there is relief.

(Ash Sharh 94:5-6)

Everything in this world has been created in pairs. Everything, except for Allah comes in pairs. He swt is the only waahid (One). He swt has created everything that there is in two’s. There is sun and there is moon, there is night with day, man and woman, happiness with sorrow, success with failures and so on. One cannot be without another, not in a perfect harmony at least.

Similarly our life too, which comes with death, by the way, is a series of moments, which are either hard or easy, happy or sad, high or low for us. Imagine, if life were only sorrows and grief, how depressing and deathly would that be. Now imagine, a life of only happiness and joy. Apparently it may seem, that is the best thing one could ever wish for. However, when one looks deeper into it, you realize it is not really worth living that way. If you were happy all the time, you would lose the essence of being happy. If there was no sorrow to interrupt your phase of happiness, no failure to impede your success, you wouldn’t really know and understand what it actually meant to be happy and successful. Would you? We, as humans, have a very good tendency of getting immune to things. We would soon have gotten immune to an ‘all happy’ or an all ‘sad life’. But Allah swt didn’t make it so. He made it in pairs, so that we understand everything, so that we learn what is to be happy, and what it is to be sad. He swt aims to teach us by pairs. Subhan Allah.

Now, life as we know it, is hard for everyone. Yeah, everyone. I don’t think there exists anywhere in the world, someone who could claim that their life is perfect and without any, whatsoever difficulty or hardship. We have all been through our times of hardships, which varies in the level and frequency from person to person. But the fact being, everyone has had their share of it. What is important here, as mentioned in the Ayaah is, that it doesn’t last. It won’t, it can’t. It is a promise of Allah swt. Have faith and trust Him swt on His word.

However hard your life is right now, whether you are struggling personally, professionally, spiritually, emotionally or socially, whatever it is, first may Allah swt ease it for you and bring you out of it soon, in sha Allah Ameen. Second, it won’t be long before you are over it. It will be followed by ease, by happiness, by relief. Hardship comes in pair with relief. One cannot last forever without the other following it. Bear this thing in mind.

Allah swt has mentioned this Ayah twice, in the same Surah, one after the other. There are two ways to see into it. One, Allah swt wants to emphasize the truth in it. He swt wants us to believe in it by stressing upon it again in the next ayah. That with every hardship, there will come relief. He swt wants us to remember it. The second view is with every single hardship that you face, there will come relief two times. One hardship will be followed by twice as much relief. Therefore one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs. Alhamdilillah! Yet another view would be that every hardship will be followed by two reliefs , one that will manifest itself in this duniya and the other reserved for us in the next one. Allahu Alam. However it comes, it will come for sure. With every hardship that is relief!

So whatever hardship, difficulty it it, that is making its home in your heart and mind, let is go. Don;t dwell on it. don’t go crazy over it, however hard it is. Please. Do whatever you can to solve it and then hand it over to Allah swt. Make duaa to Him swt and have tawwakul. It will pass. It has to, just like the night is replaced by day, all your difficulties and hardships will be replaced by ease and relief. Have faith. Let this Ayah be the reminder you need, every time you feel low and helpless 🙂

May Allah swt replace our difficulties with ease, replace our sorrows with happiness, our failures with success, just like He swt replaces a hot tiring day with a cool quiet night. May He swt find us among the Sabiroon, patient, when hardship strikes us. May He swt find us among the believers who are always hopeful of His relief and mercy. May He swt bring to us after every hardship, relief, that becomes a source of immense happiness to our hearts.


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