Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #5

The theme of this Ayah is actually the direction of prayer, that is Kaabah, the direction whereto Muslims all around the word face to while praying. But we can apply it to a more general view. A view that I want to share with you today.

For every nation there is a direction to which they face (in their prayers). So hasten towards all that is good. Wheresoever you may be, Allah will bring you together (on the Day of Resurrection). Truly, Allah is Able to do all things.

Al Baqarah 2:148

We are living each day, directed to something. Everyday we have something to do, some task to finish, an exam to prepare, some deadline to meet, some job to finish. The thing is every day we are directed towards something, a goal, it might be a short term goal or a long one. But it is a purpose, for our day. Like in salaah, we are all directed to one direction, the Kaaba. In the same way, taking the bigger picture in view, our life. It too, like everything else, should be and is directed to something; a goal, a purpose. For some this might be success, for some happiness, for others fame. But there is something every one of us has. What our life is directed to varies from one person to another.

Allah swt reminds us in this Ayah, what our real purpose should be. It is the ‘good’ and ‘all that is good’. He swt tells us to hasten to it, to everything that is good. Leading a life that is good, should be our purpose of life. Being good in everything we do, and in every aspect of our life; personal, social, family, business, studies, etc all of these come under this category. We should strive to be good in every part of our life, however we can and to whomsoever we can. Nothing that is good ever goes waste!

Our main purpose in life, what it should be directed to, is and should only be Jannah. And we should seek it through the pleasure of Allah swt. This is the ultimate success, the ultimate happiness and peace that you can be sure of. When we remind ourselves that our final destination is Jannah, we should undertake all means that will lead us there. Make this duniya a means to achieve it; we should strive hard every day to fulfill our duties and obligations, that we have as Muslims.And do everything we can to get closer to Allah swt. May Allah swt make it easy for us. Ameen.

Also, while our main focus is Jannah, we still are living in Duniya for now. And as long as we are here, we should remember that as Muslims, it is also our responsibility to excel in our field of work. At least giving what you do, a best shot. If you are a student, make efforts to be the among the top ones of the class. If you are a doctor, an engineer, or an artist, be the best shot in your work. And ask Allah swt to make these things, your work, your job, careers, a means of getting closer to Him. You can serve others, help others with your intellect, your strengths, and faculties that Allah swt has  blessed you with. Help others and Allah will help you. Being of use, being of service to others, is the ultimate good you can be and do! 🙂

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said,

“Whoever relieves the hardship of a believer in this world, Allah will relieve his hardship on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever helps ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter. Whoever covers the faults of a Muslim, Allah will cover his faults in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah helps the servant as long as he helps his brother. Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise, for a people do not gather together in the houses of Allah, reciting the Book of Allah and studying together, except that tranquility will descend upon them, mercy will cover them, angels will surround them, and Allah will mention them to those with Him. Whoever is slow to good deeds will not be hastened by his lineage.”

Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 2699

Hasten to do good to everyone you can, beginning with your own self. Worship Allah swt in the best possible manner, you owe it to your soul. Keep yourself away from sins and Allah swt’s disobedience and you will be saving a lot in your accounts with Him swt. Do good to others, in however ways you can and are able to.Being good to others will gain you high ranks among the believers in the sight of Allah, when of course done with sincere intentions and not for showing off.

The other part of this Ayah talks about Resurrection, the Day when Allah swt will gather all of us together. This is a reminder that we don’t have much time here and no one knows how much time they have come with and are left with. So start today, renew your intention of doing good and being good, in sha Allah He swt will accept it from us and make it easy for us too.

Our focus should be racing towards the good both in this world and the next. Smart people would race towards the good that will benefit them in both the worlds. You need to develop a vision, and balance your deen and duniya in a way that you are truly happy and successful. That is what I think, we as believers, should be working on in our lives.

May Allah swt make it easy for us to strike a balance between our deen and duniya in a way which is truly pleasurable for Him, and profitable for us in here and the world to come. Ameen.

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