Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #3

A beautiful Ayah from Surah Takwir, extremely concise in its meaning but quite profound.

Verily, this (the Quran) is no less than a Reminder to (all) the ‘Alamin (mankind and jinns).

(At – Takwir 81:27)

This ayah is to the point and has been addressed to all of the mankind. Essentially pointing out the fact that the Quran is a reminder to all creation, the humans, the angels, and the jinns! It is therefore, an obligation on every man and woman, of intellect to read it, understand it and implement it in their life. The every next ayah points this reminder to those who want to walk the straight path, i.e live a successful life in this world and the next.

Quran, the spoken word of Allah swt, is a living miracle given to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) which descended to him (pbuh) in a span of 23 years, over 1400 years ago and yet, we find it has not lost an ounce of relevance even today. It is as much relevant today as it was when it was revealed and it shall be so in the time to come as well. And it was revealed in the spoken language of Arabic, which is still being used and ranks among the Top 5 languages spoken around the world, just so that you and me would read and understand it. So language is not an excuse for not reading it anymore. Of course it is difficult for people who don’t have Arabic as their native language, me being among them, but there are translations available all over the world for us to read and understand. At least until we learn Arabic. May Allah make it easy for our likes. Ameen.

Unfortunately, we all are guilty of not giving the Quran its due right. It sits on the highest shelf in our homes, occasionally sought and read, and the most, only in this month of Ramadan. That too, to be read fast to completion, reading 20 pages every day, to finish the recitation at least once in the span  of 30 days. While that is good, it is not good enough. The Quran is not to be just read at the speed of light, but to be read slowly, contemplating over each ayah and trying to understand what Allah swt is saying to you. It is not just a feat you achieve, as a Ramadan goal, but the essence lies in how much of it you have understood and how much of it lives in you and you live by it. Ask this question to yourself, think over it! Make sure, that this Ramadan, not only do you recite it daily, but also, try  to understand and contemplate over it, at least one page every day. That is most befitting to this Glorious Book. That is the least you owe it. May Allah swt make it easy for all of us. Ameen.

Allah swt says in this ayah that whosoever is seeking guidance and a way to a good life, a successful life, he/she should adhere to the Quran. They should read it, understand it and live their life by it. There is nothing in this world that you want to know, which the Quran doesn’t cover. No questions you have, that this beautiful Book doesn’t answer. All you need, is an open heart, a sincere yearning and longing to understand it and live by it. Unless you practice what the Quran teaches you, you will not see any difference around and within you. Once, you start living by it, you will see your whole world transform, in and outside of you.

We all know the ultimate success in this life and the next is the Pleasure of Allah swt. Your faith is incomplete unless and until you love Allah swt more than anyone and everyone else, more than your own self. But how can you love someone when you don’t know them? How can the you love Allah swt when you don’t know Him? The only way to know Him, get closer and nearer to Him, is through the Quran. He swt is speaking to you through the Quran. Are you ready to listen?

Quran is the Nur, the light that will bring you out of all the darkness that is surrounding you, outside and within you. It is the only weapon that you have to protect yourself from the temptations and evils of the world. It is the Shifa, the healing that will cure your heart and your soul of all their sicknesses and illnesses. It is the Sukoon, the peace that will engulf your entire being. It is a friend that will comfort you, advice you , guide you and always be there for you.

The Prophet (pbuh), said, “It will be said to the companion of the Quran: Recite and ascend as you recited in the world. Verily, your rank is determined by the last verse you recite.” (Trmidhi 2914)

I ask Allah swt to open our hearts to Quran, to help us understand it and live by it. To practice it in word and to make it the Nur and Sukoon of our hearts. Ya Allah make the Quran, our constant companion, turn our hearts towards it, towards the guidance it offers and make it easy for us to live our lives by it. Ameen.

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