Ramadan: Ayah of the Day #1

Ramadan kareem everyone! The blessed month of Ramdan is upon us. May Allah swt help us all in observing the beneficial month long fasts in the best manner, as is befitting to our spiritual as well as physical needs. Ameen. This month, in sha Allah, I will be posting one Ayah a day with its brief meaning and understanding. The aim is to understand the subject matter of the Ayah and apply it to our own life and situations. It is a self study method and habit that I am undertaking and building on, in sha Allah.  I am sharing it in the hope it will be a reminder to others as well :)Feel free to share your thoughts and lessons that you may have derived from it.

Starting with today’s Ayah.

                                                      إِنَّ ٱلۡإِنسَـٰنَ لِرَبِّهِۦ لَكَنُودٌ۬

Verily! Man (disbeliever) is ungrateful to his Lord;

(Al Adiyaat verse no. 6)

The term used in this Ayah for ungrateful is Kanood. Al-Kanood is a person who focuses only on the calamities that befall him, counting only on the number of adversities he faces while he forgets the favors conferred to him by Allah swt.

Every time we are faced with a hardship, or something upsetting happens to us, we begin to set our heart onto all the miseries that have befallen us. We start thinking upon all the hard times we have had to face. Without once, as much as of a thought giving to the countless favors that Allah swt has and is consistently bestowing upon us.

Like we might have had a perfect day, with everything going on about as planned and desired. Suddenly just one small tiny mishap say, missing the tram or bus to home or something even bigger and real happens to you. Honestly, take a minute and think how you react to it. You forget the entire day of goodness and bliss and focus all your energy and mind on this one event that is ‘bad’ for you. Being ungrateful for say 10 good things that happened in that day for this one! Subhan Allah. This is just a trivial example. This ayah is applicable to all the aspects of our lives.

It just reminded me as I read it, how many times when something would happen that worried me, made me sad and upset me, how many times I would go crying and complaining about it to Allah swt. It always takes time for me to be sober again and bring my heart to sense so that it could realize the happy side of my life as well, the many good things Allah has bestowed on me. It is human nature perhaps to act like this, but certainly after reading this Ayah I now realize, it is certainly not of the nature of true believers. Those who are never ungrateful to Allah swt remember His blessings, His mercy, His love in the saddest moments of their lives. The ones who in face of a calamity are capable of exhibiting Sabrun Jameel, the beautiful patience.

I ask Allah swt , to keep us all among those who are always grateful to Him. Ya Rahman  make us not among the Kanood. Help us become better believers and keep us among those who are always grateful and thankful to You through words, thoughts and actions.


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