The Amusement Park

The glittering lights,

the noise in the air,

laughing, excitement,

aroma of delights,

colorful candies,

the fun shrieks of riders,

the yohoos, the bohoos,

the roller coasters galore,

the play games , the toys,

the disappointment of not winning,

the sheer fun of trying,

again and again,

the lasting memories of a carefree life!

After decades of passing ‘life’

I went through an amusement park

reminiscing the childhood years we spent

in every laugh, in every ride

the crashing cars, the helicopters,

the fear of them heights,

the dare of a roller coaster ride,

the child inside me still felt the same,

excited to try one more time,

overcoming the fears that were gone only,

once the ride would stop,

in the few moments of my small walk,

reliving them memories, I was that child again.

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