Being a Woman

Softhearted, a strong resilient soul

of kindness, love and forgiveness; an epitome

filled with hope, warmth and happiness

a lowered gaze, head held high

in pride and not in arrogance

modest, charming; an unyielding solace

a ray of happiness, a source of strength

gather up your spirits lady

you are who you want to be, baby.

Your smiles, your tears,

your weakness, your triumphs,

your fumbles, your falls,

your Everest, your fears,

are all imperative

to the concoction of your make.

Know that you are a blessing

how often ignored or unseen,

you might feel; always remember,

in the sight of Your Creator,

You are precious and unique

You are honored and cherished

 by your heart and by your soul

You are a Woman,  you are the Queen!



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