Etiquette Of Duaa

Now that we are done with the importance of Duaa, how important and powerful it is, the next thing in line to learn, is the proper way to make a duaa.  Just like there is a proper mannerism of movements in our salaah, there is an established decorum for making duaa as well. Before you get anxious, let me tell you it is as easy as it can be, just three steps to proper duaa making!

To ensure that our all our prayers our answered, we just need to approach it in the proper manner.Today, we will learn how to do that, in sha Allah 🙂

Condition of Acceptance of Duaa

The most important condition of acceptance of duaa is Ikhlaasi.e; sincerity. Sincerity towards Allah; that is making duaa only to Him, knowing only He can give you, help you and associating none with Him. Being firm on Tawheed and associating no one with Him in worship is an important condition of duaa being accepted.

Before we make duaa, our hearts should be firm in our faith. We should believe in Allah swt, having a strong conviction in all of His attributes. Knowing, that He swt alone  is Al Wahab – The Giver of all, the Bestower. We should have faith that He swt is the Source of all things, and every thing, that there is, comes only from Him.

Now for the three steps

1. Praise Allah

Start by praising Allah, He is deserving of all the Praise, more than anyone else. Glorify Him, thank Him, express your love for Him. Acknowledge His attributes of being the Most Merciful and Forgiving, acknowledge your need of Him and His Power to fulfill your desires.

Praise Him with the best of words and heart full of gratitude. More importantly, Mean It, while you are praising Him, it should be more heartfelt than a mere lip service. Make it a habit to praise Allah while concentrating on your own thoughts and words,imagine how you have been blessed by Him and then thank Him for that. In sha Allah, you will find gratitude filling your hearts and your words will become more sincere, over time.

2. Send Blessings on the Beloved Prophet (Pbuh)

Sending blessings upon the Beloved Prophet (Pbuh), who cried for us, His Ummah, is one of the greatest acts of worship, we should be firmly adhering to. Not just while praying or making duaa, but also as a part of our day. Along with remembrance of Allah, we should keep sending blessings on the Prophet (pbuh), for it would be counted as our love, our respect for the Most Compassionate Person that ever lived on the face of earth, who loved you and prayed for you and even cried for you, long before you even existed.

Fadalah bin `Ubaid (RA)narrated:
“While the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) was seated, a man entered and performed Salat, and he said: ‘O Allah, forgive me, and have mercy upon me.’ The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘You have rushed, O praying person. When you perform Salat and then sit, then praise Allah with what He is deserving of, and send Salat upon me, then call upon Him.’” He said: “Then another man performed Salat after that, so he praised Allah and sent Salat upon the Prophet (ﷺ). The Prophet (ﷺ) said to him: ‘O praying person! Supplicate, and you shall be answered.’” (Tirmidhi 3476)
3. Raising Your Hands in Duaa
After you have praised Allah swt and have send blessings upon the Prophet (pbuh), it is time for making duaa. Ask, whatever you want to ask of Him. Implore Him, beg Him by raising your hands upto Him. The palms of your hand should be facing upwards and the hands should be held together, like a humble beggar who is hoping to get something.

Narrated Salman al-Farsi (RA):   The Prophet (ﷺ) said: Your Lord is munificent and generous, and is ashamed to turn away empty the hands of His servant when he raises them to Him. (Sunan Abi Dawud, 1488)

Facing the Qiblah (Optional)

If you are making duaa while in or after prayer, you are already facing the Qiblah. However, if you are making duaa at any other time, it is mustahabb (recommended, not obligatory) to face the Qiblah.

So there we go, this is the proper etiquette of making a duaa, as defined in the Sunnah. Also, remember to ask frequently, humbly, in hope and in fear. Ensure that you are sincere, can’t stress that enough, firm in your prayer and Allah will grant it to you.

Ending with a beautiful duaa that our Beloved Prophet (pbuh) used to make 🙂

 “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from a heart that does not humble itself,
and from a supplication that is not heard,
and from a soul that is never satisfied,
and from knowledge that does not benefit,
I seek refuge in You from these four.”

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