Rumi Says

Its good to leave each day behind,

like flowing water,

free of sadness.

Yesterday is gone and its tale told.

Today new seeds are growing.

And he couldn’t be more right! The past is a done deal, there is no reason to go mad over it. No matter how hard it was, how much it hurt, how much pain it brought, how difficult it is for you to get over it, understand that you can do nothing about it, not now, not anymore. So, let it go. Stop looking back again and again. It will only cause you more pain, more distress. Rumination yields nothing.

Leave it there, whatever it is that is hurting you, making you cry every time, tormenting your soul, breaking your heart, just let go it. Don’t give in to the past. It has no power over you than what you give it. Don’t forget the lessons that it taught you, take them with you, but the hurt and pain it brought, rest them there.  Move on. Look forward, tomorrow is a new day. A new beginning. Its never too late to start again.

Start over and over again. Every Day 🙂


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  1. Yes agree wholeheartedly with Rumi and his true words. An awesome 👏 poet of his times. Loved the words why feel sadness let everything go.

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    1. Oh yes, He is one of the best, wisest poets. I always find inspiration and comfort in his wise words 🙂

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      1. Yes absolutely and I too find him so much a man of God, he could not see anyone but Him who knows all.

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