Under the blue sky

that goes black to blue to crimson gold

the shackles hold not me back, anymore

for I am the bird, home in the trees

the fish, that swims across the blues

underneath the oceans I go to sleep

I wake with the bright sun shine

crave the night of moonlit blue

I am the sunflower in the fields

Seeking Him, in every moment of life

I am in the heart of all nature

crumbled to dust like them broken seeds

I rise and fall, again and again

I am, but the immortal hope

that lives in the colors of the world

look up at the sky, look down on the earth

you will see the marvels, I behold

the birdsongs are making up my day

singing the songs of sorrow and love

the happy jays, the peaceful dove

the daisies, the daffodils on the grave

the stubborn moss, on the rock

I am them, they are me

for now, for forever

my soul lies there

in the depths of the wilderness,

happy, at peace and free!


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