Catch Me If You Can

That initial murder is not forgotten, he screamed at his colleagues. I will not sit unless I have my hands on that troglodyte. How am I suppose to do that, when you guys have already given up on the case, his anger turning into frustration, he pushed his hands on the table, making the files, papers and other stationary jump.

Three young people have been killed, one of them had not even turned 18 yet.He did not deserve to die, none of them deserved to die at the hands of that psychopath. How can you let it pass, let it go, as if nothing ever happened. Are three lives nothing to you? Have you turned so cold working in homicides that loss of lives has become mundane to you?

Shake up your conscience, in the name of God, people! They could have been your loved ones. What then? Would you give me this shit had it been any one you loved? You knew? Just because these are strangers to you, is the pain and grief of losing a loved one, strange to you as well.

Yes, he is outwitting us, he is ahead of us all the time. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get hold of him. Look at that board, we have been working our asses off for 6 months now, how can they be so nonchalant and force another case on me. To hell with all the politics here! Who cares whether a psychopath is at loose, all we are concerned is preparing for the big day, for our Chief to look good. Wasting our time on the big bash and preparing our official speeches, kissing asses for promotions, when you should rather be promoting your call of duty instead. Outrageous!

Amidst the confronting silence, his colleagues stared, some cognizant to the truth of his outburst, others ashamed of their indifference and a few pumped up to take charge.

That’s alright, guys, exasperation dominating his toneCa. Go on with whatever you are doing. Go work behind your desks, move files from here and there, pick on the dresses you are going to wear for the big upcoming day. Maybe when another human life is lost, you will get out of your slumber.

But, I…. I will not wait for that. I will not wait for that bloody psychopath to take another life. No. Not this time. We deciphered his pattern of killings. He is fairly predictable. This time, I will do him, so bad, that the son of the bitch, will curse his mere existence on the face of this earth. The sick bastard likes to mutilate his victims, I will mutilate his life. I am not going to rest myself until and unless I have him behind the bars.

Suddenly, all the fax machines in the workstation started delivering messages. Message after messages at every desk of the station. All read the same thing. The same words, the same line.

Tomorrow. 21:00.

Catch me if you can.





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