When I was a little girl, I would make a prayer every day. I would ask for winning at a board game, doing well in exams, chocolates and ice creams, happy endings to my favorite stories seeking protection from what scared me the most, street canines 😉 and many such mini prayers. As I grew up, my prayers evolved into more significant aspects of being at peace, having a good heart and happiness in this world. Of course, the worldly part still remained, at every stage of my life, I sought help from the Khaliq, the Creator of all things, for almost everything. Cracking up an important exam, job interviews, important life decisions, this and that. Duaa or prayer has always been an integral part of who I am. Duaa is for me, communication to Allah. When I turn to Him, find my heart confiding in Allah, consciously and subconsciously, I am actually seeking His help, and making duaa for myself and those around me.

And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” (40:60)

When things make no sense, you are hurt, in pain, suffering, a sense of helplessness overcomes you, take a moment and make a small prayer. Talk to Him, let your heart open up to Him, for He is As-Samee, the All Hearing, He will hear every word you say and don’t say. He will even hear the thoughts and feeling, your emotions that you find difficult to out into words. He will believe me, never let you down. Seek Him, through prayer. Hand over your worries, your grief to Him, and see your wounds heal. No, they will not magically disappear. But you will feel the strength to bear the pain, to rise against your difficulties, to help your heart be at peace. God will instill in your heart, the courage you need, the patience you seek and the peace you so much crave. You will feel it, the difference,minutes after letting go of all that is in your heart. He will embolden you and make it all easy on you. He will open your heart to reflect on why it happened and down the years, when you will look back at those wounds, you will realize they are your cherished scars of power and strength.

When you need something in life and all paths to it are entangled or blocked. Make a prayer. Call upon your Lord, ask Him to open the shut doors, ask Him to lead you to your destination, to make the path clearer, to make it easy. When you humble yourself in front of Him, are ready to not give up on His help and your own efforts, you will see how empowering it feels. A sincere duaa you make, will open up more than one doors for you, in ways you could not ever have imagined. You will see the darkness in your path being illuminated by the help of His light.  Such is the power of duaa.

Once your prayers are realized, you see that what you had sought, what you had made duaa for, has been granted to you, you will no longer feel desperate again, ever. And even if you do, as life is as it is, a bumpy road, you just know what to do. Make a duaa.  Every time. When things go difficult for you, not in the way you want. Make duaa. You will no longer fear anything in the world, no longer be scared of being turned away. Nothing should stop you for having what is good for you. For you will have tasted the power of duaa. The power of strength, courage and belief that your Lord puts in your heart, every time you seek Him, through your prayer.

Ask whatever it is that is that you are seeking for. Always remember, His help is just a duaa away!

Give it a try. For once, this time. Please. Your life right now might be a chaotic mess, or maybe you need something significant, a job promotion maybe,some kind of healing,happiness, love, whatever it is that you are having trouble with. Whatever looks like a daunting thing to you, not achievable, impossible, take a moment and turn to Him. Ask Him. Once, twice, again and again. Seek His help. Remember nothing is impossible for Him. He created everything that there is, isn’t it? All you need to do, is to make a sincere prayer. And see the magic unfold!

However, if you feel, your prayers, adiyaa, (plural of duaa) are not being answered, don’t lose hope. Instead be more happy, for Allah is preparing something even far better for you than what you have asked for. Trust Him, trust His decisions for you. And remember His love for you is more than the love of all the people put together, that you think love you. All I am asking for, is not giving in. To the pain, hurt, wounds, defeat or any other kind of suffering and helplessness you might be feeling right now. More importantly not giving up on hope, His love for you, His Mercy, on Him.

Also, remember not to turn away from Him, in times of His mercy. When your duaa has been granted, your wishes have come true, life is easy, make it a point to thank Him, being grateful to Him. Gratefulness throws open the windows and doors for blessings.

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’ (14:07)

May Allah swt, in His infinite mercy, love and compassion, make our life easy for us, grant us ease in whatever difficulties we are facing, may He swt open the shut doors for us, may Allah swt guide us throughout our journey in this world, may Allah swt open up our hearts to truth, to Him, may He swt enlighten what is dark in us, may He swt, heal our wounds, may He swt replace our tears of sadness with those of joy, may He bring peace and happiness to every troubled heart. May Allah swt protect us and our loved ones, have mercy on all of us and forgive us for our shortcomings and falls. May Allah swt accept all our prayers and grant us patience over those that in His infinite wisdom are not beneficial for us. Ameen.



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