Our Song


I was so excited. The day had arrived, finally, after the long wait. We had a fresh snowfall; seeing the large white flakes from my window made my heat beat faster and at peace, all at once. It was too good to be true. We had prepared for this day all these months. To have a romantic getaway, just the two of us. It was about time too.

Just the final touch up, is all I needed now, after what seemed like hours of prettying up. I put on my red lipstick, precisely lined my lips with a pencil and made a pout. The teenage saga these days was getting to me. I smiled at the thought, and blushed catching his sight in the mirror.

He was smiling; leaning on the door, arms crossed, his teasing eyes locked on me.

You look out of the heavens beautiful, darling, his eyes reading me intensely.

A strong flush of heat ran through all my body. I was surprised how even after 20 years of marriage, he could make me feel like that. Just by looking at me! His eyes, always teasing, had a mischievous twinkle in them.

He looked at me, still at the door acknowledging my flush with a naughty grin.

Really! Now? No way! We have a flight to catch, in like 30 minutes, eyeing the clock on the wall.

He laughed. I didn’t mean that, but if you want to, I am all yours. I have always been, haven’t I?, he said walking to me, all flirtatious.

We both laughed.

He took me in his arms and we wrapped in a warm embrace for a couple of minutes. It was my secure place, his strong warm embracing arms, always. They were my solace, every time, every day, no matter how the hours would go, in the end, I knew I would return to them, and I would be safe in his protection, in his undying love and never ending care.

I love you James, I squeezed him closer to me, welling up a little, as the years of our togetherness flew across me.

I love you more, my darling, he kissed me on the forehead.

Our eyes broke into a smile, as we heard soft giggles erupting in the air.

We turned around to look at our identical twin daughters, cheeks as pink at their dresses, holding dolls in their arms, giggling with their hands on mouth. Our princesses, they were the youngest of our four children and the most naughty for that.

What are you giggling for, dada’s lovelies?

You want some lovey dovey time too! He kissed them, tickled them, till they could hold it no more.He turned towards me, sat the twins on his knees and started on our song, one he had written for me. It was my strength, my hope, in the years that we struggled through my chemotherapy. It was more than a song, to me, to him, to us as a family. More than just a song.

In as many lives as I may have,

if I have you by my side,

there is nothing more

that I would have

nothing more

that I would need

to be happy, my love

as happy as I am now.

The twins smiled, they loved this song. James jagged it up a little and in his jazzy voice, sung it over and over again, louder and louder, forcing our teenage son and daughter out of their rooms. They moved in a small circle around me singing together the words of our love. Laughing, teasing, loving, while I am tearing up in happiness at the best sight in the world. My family, my strength.



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