The Lazy Dog

The day was very sunny so the dog decided to lie down to sleep.The leaves rustled gently on the trees, the soft wind catching up its ear, singing to him a lullaby. The pavement was hustling with the pacing footsteps and every now and then, it could hear the doors opening by the quiet jingle of the wind chimes. Suddenly the dog found one if its ear waking up to the scent of barbecue that the air brought with it.Slowly it came out of his dreamy sleep like state. Lazily, one leg at a time, it stood up and stretched off his sleep sluggishly. It looked right, it looked left, sniffing in the air, following the smell gently. A few steps across was a barbecue cart, an old man fanning on the delicious treat off the coal smoke. The dog salivated as its tummy turned in hunger. His puppy eyes caught the owners glare. A long beard, skin wrinkled, sharp eyes, the dog was terrified till it saw his face break into a smile. He looked at the dog and generously threw to the side, a piece of flesh. The dog yelped with joy, barked happily, and set itself on the flesh munching hungrily. Looks can be deceptive, the dog thought to itself eyeing the old man, in a manner of a new thing learned contemplation. Once it had chewed on the last bone shard, it went to the old man, licked his shoes, wagged its tail as a thank you. It came back to its favorite summer spot. Lying down once again, to the soft music played by the wind in the air. it was time to sleep again, until its ears would catch up something delicious again. Then it would be dinnertime. Ears drooped, cuddled up, the dog lay, sleeping for hours in the warmth of sun, as lazy as ever.


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