A Discourse

I am looking for some answers. I was hoping if you could help me.

Look within and around you, there are answers everywhere. Signs for everyone to understand. First you must try to search for them yourself.  Now that you are here, seeing your efforts, I will love to help you finding them. For you are a seeker making an effort to learn, and we turn not on the seekers of truth.

I wonder why I was put here? Why I am who I am?

You were put here for a purpose. Everyone, everything in this world has a purpose, a destiny to fulfill. Find your purpose, your true destiny and set to work on that. Only you can know that. You are what you make of yourself. You can be whatever you want to be.You just have to discover yourself.

What is the purpose of this life?

Our purpose in this world is to worship our Creator, the One who created everything that is between the earth and the skies. To obey Him in all aspects of our life. It is not taking refuge in a corner and shutting the door on life. It is being a better version of yourself, everyday, being more good a person than you were today. Learning and teaching something new, leaving behind your story for others to benefit from. Helping the world be a better place by doing whatever little you can. In whatever way you can. Being is doing. You exist signifies your purpose of being, and you should respect it.

I don’t think I am capable of that. How can I be of use to anyone?

Smiles. Everyone on the face of this earth is capable of great wonders, if only they would put a little faith in themselves. God has bestowed each one of us with faculties, and He is just in His givings. You need to look within yourself, and discover what you are best at. What you have been given, what you have that you can nourish in you and help others with that gift. We are often blessed with things that we take for granted, things that come natural to us. These things are a gift. Cherish them, use them for good. Polish the raw in you, every day a little and see how the shine illuminates your path and that of others too.

If I fail, what will others think of me.

Let go of the fear of others. What others think of you, what they will think of you, how they will see you, in your success or in your failures, should not affect the you in you. Be who you are, every day. Don’t become what others want to see you as. When you are only you, in all aspects of being, in right and in wrong, only then will you have the strength to overcome the failures and the weaknesses within you.  Only by being sincere with yourself you can conquer yourself. Conquering self is the hardest thing you will ever do, and harder still will it be to continue. Failure should not be taken as an end, it is but a means of strengthening will and checking your sincerity in achieving what you are set out to achieve. If you sit back after one failure, you are not sincere in what you really want to have. If you let go so easily, you don’t really desire that thing. So be honest first with self and then with your endeavors.

What if I keep trying and trying and never succeed?

It is still better to die trying, than to die never ever having tried anything at all. Seek from Allah, the help you need. Ask Him for strength, will, determination, patience and success. For every thing that you want will come only from Him. He is the source of all that exists in the universe.If you still do not achieve what you have set for, bear in mind, that sometime the journey in itself is the ultimate success that we can have rather than what the destination holds for us. When you try, put yourself out there, at least you will have the peace of having made an effort, which in every sense is better than having to resent the fact, tat you never tried at all.

I see people with things that I want to have, easily given to them, things that I have to struggle for. I get jealous, envious of them. I despise them.

There is a small but vital key to happiness in this world. You will never be happy with what you have even if you have the entire world at your feet. It will never be enough. The key is Gratefulness. Unless and until you imbibe it in every cell of your being, you will never be content and at peace.  Be thankful for what you have, grateful that you have been blessed with so many things that you could possibly never have earned for yourself. Your basic working senses of vision, hearing, of breathing, your family, your friends, your life. Focus on what you have more than on what you want. Deep root in your heart the seed of faith that whatever you need in life will always be given to you, always. Whatever is good for your life, will always be in your life. However, whatever you want, will not necessarily be good for you. You might think it is, but you don’t have that wisdom to know for sure. It lies with Allah alone, and He alone knows what is good for you and what is not. You have to trust His decisions for you, entrust your life onto Him.

When you look at people around you having what you desire, try to look at those people, whose life is beneath you. They look up to you and desire what you have instead. Be grateful that you are where you are and not where they are.Be content with all that you have been blessed with. Be grateful and thankful, always. And see, how your blessings increase in time. Don’t let evil creep inside your heart. When you feel jealous, envious of your brother, your friend, your neighbor or your colleague, when you feel that emotion overpowering you, take a moment right then. Take a moment and make a little prayer. Pray for yourself and pray for them. Ask Allah to bless them more in what they have, even if you are not sincere in your prayer. Ask Allah to bless you with the same as He has blessed them with, if it be good for you.Do it every time jealousy overcomes you, every single time. In time, you will see that the strong emotion of burning envy that you feel will have mellowed down. You will be more at peace with yourself. You will not despise or envy them for what they have..

How can I be really happy and have a peaceful life?

Focus. Focus on yourself alone and you will find peace. Start looking within and search your soul. Focus on what you have been given and nourish it with love and hard work. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t belittle yourself on small setbacks on this path. Don’t stand still. Even if you lose all your strength, will and determination, don’t just stand there or sit down. Move. A little. However hard it may seem. One step. But go on. Improve your life, overcome your flaws, be humble and submissive to God. Thank Him for all that you have and for all that you have not. Having and not having are both blessings, understand. Stop focusing on others. Stop thinking about what they have, how they are. That is none of your business. Focus not on their flaws, on their mistakes or their success but to derive a lesson, if you may, that will help yourself to grow. Beware make not the misery of others your point of happiness. Nor make the happiness of others your misery. You have all that you need, you just need to figure out how you can put yourself out on that path.Start your journey with hope, and continue on it with faith and determination.Bear in mind, the obstacles that will follow, the weaknesses you will encounter, but fear not, seek help from your Creator, ask Him to remove the darkness and guide you on the journey. And you will see that you are never disappointed, never alone.

While the destination is important, forget not, that the journey being a lifetime of pleasure and pain, joy and sorrow, is a worthwhile experience on its own. You will see that once you arrive where you sought out for is a beautiful place filled with joy, but when you look at how you came there, the rough, stoned path, the milestones of your success and failures, of your tears, your smiles, your love, your pains, you will feel the joy escalating and even the miseries bring a warm smile to your face. Remember the journey sometimes is more beautiful than the destination and even more important to prepare us for it and make us who we are.

Forget not O’ self who you are

seek out the absolute truth

of your being, of the world

set out onto this journey

of discovering your soul

the path is dark and rough

but seek out, you must

for once it is sought

nothing remains but eternal light.





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