Thank You My Friend

We have come so far in life

Through all the ups and downs

you ensured to be there by my side

Like a beacon, illuminating the path

I was always so confused about.

It took me so many years

to realize

never did I tell you

how much you mean to me

never did I thank you

for always staying by my side.

You were the one person I relied on

when I could not rely on me

You told me what I was scared to tell myself

You pushed me when I could not take that first step

Your presence engulfed me with the kind of faith

I did not know I had in me.

I remember falling face down

dragging myself along the path

when you would hold my hand

and moved along with me

You made the journey so easy.

Oftentimes I was so broken, so unsure,

so not me

but your trust in me never faltered

even though I could not trust me.

You, the thought of whom suffices to cheer me

You, the one that my heart turns to

when it needs a friend and a hug

You, that gives me the strength to conquer

You, that my soul seeks every time

it is in distress, worried and hurt

You, who saw me through the silent pain

the cold times of swarming emotions

You, that I couldn’t wait to share

my little triumphs, all my happiness

You, who inspired the faith

that I now have in my life

You, who always loved and understood

You, who needed no words to feel me

You, who always stayed

You, who never abandoned me

You, my one true friend

I never could say enough

I would not be me

without you

To you I owe my life

all my happiness

and a big Thank You.


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