Meet my Days of the Week

What if the days of the week were people? How would they be? Here is how they are in my mind. Let me know how they are in yours too 🙂


Monday is always in an unnecessary hurry. To get going, moving , pacing to and fro. It just cannot stay put. Authoritative, demanding and mean. Comes like an hurricane and dishevels everyone that comes in between. Like a stubborn cold winter that forces one out of the bed at dawn, shivering and sleepy, Monday is as merciless as one could be. Grim faced, heavy and cold, everyone was reluctant to meet Monday face to face.


Tall, thin lipped, haughty but pleasant. Tuesday brought in a smile after Monday’s sneer.It was as determined as Monday but a tad less demanding. It brought with it the strength to be the warrior and put everything in its place.


Wednesday is a charm. With its good sense of being, balanced approach towards what may come, Wednesday never looses its calm. Like the tortoise it slowly and steadily wins the race. For fun and laughter count on the Wednesday hands down.


Thursday is a busy bee. Running to finish things, the deadlines marked on its forehead in twined lines, it ensures no loose ends remain. Smart, witty with a strong sarcastic humorous bend, Thursday is the guy to hang around in case you are looking to cool down the heat in the oven.


Attractive, robust and inspiring, Friday is an ocean when it comes to being patient and calm. Intelligent, fun loving and sensible, Friday always has thing in their right place. Riding high on its charm and way with people, Friday always gets what it wants. Strong headed, determined and smart, Friday cracks its knuckles on every task.


Lively, full of good spirits and laughing all time, there is no bringing down the cheerful Saturday of the town. High on energy, you will always find it outside the doors, basking in the fresh air of life, enjoying every moment spent- the present that it calls the essence of life. Never worried about yesterday, nor fretting over tomorrow, Saturday takes life one day at a time. Saturday is the magnet that attracts goodness, fun and joy. Hard to keep a straight face when Saturday is around.


Practical, straightforward but reserved, Sunday is a mixed breed of numerous emotions.  . Like the morning sunshine, bright and beaming, Sunday loves taking things slow, contemplating the essence of life. Once Sunday gets high on being itself, there is no stopping it. One moment it is inside a hot tub, the next for all you know, it would be climbing a mountain top. Sunday is always fun to be around, except for the once in a blue moon, mood sways it gets on.






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