The Mirror

I am seldom alone, having surrounded by the vast antiquities of all times and culture, I am a vivid observer. My home is a small antique shop just around the corner of a bustling street. Scores of people pass by me every second of the day, hasting to work in the morning, excited, anxious and by the end of the day the same people slacking through the pavement, smiling,frowning, contemplating their day. Many a times people stop by me, young girls and ladies mostly, but young men and teens too have an ardent interest in me. Honestly they are as always just interested in themselves, but I fancy myself as being a people magnet.

I attract quite an attention, you see, I am pretty handsome.I have about me a royal charm inherited of course by the exquisite craftsmanship of my ancient makers. With an oval face resting in an embellished silver sheath and sparkling black semi precious stones, who could possibly resist me. I so often have been praised for my excellence that I have turned quite vain. It is difficult to remain humble when you are praised  beyond veracity. The people who unjustly praise others sow the seeds of arrogance in their hearts which misguides them rather than of being any help. I try to keep my ground. However when people specially the ladies, admire me, I soar high in the skies. The other mirrors get envious of me. Oh, I forgot to tell you about my two friends on the display shelf. They are both younger than me, one a round face and the other a square. Quite like their personality. They are boring and less fancy than me. Although they get a little attention on their own, it is mostly comparison with me that they loathe. We used to be friends before we were chosen for the display shelf. Since then we didn’t get along much. All because of people raising us against each other and not seeing us for who we are. I don’t know who to blame.

Its not that I didn’t do anything about it. I tried making amends, but how long can you go when others are not as willing as you. So now, I sit alone between them, oblivious to their envy, and their existence.Life moves on, you can’t let others stop you from being happy, now, can you?  The funny faces that kids make at me from time to time, suffices for my humor for a while.I get to see amazing things all the time. I am a happy mirror and I love my life.

The other day, it was snowing like a beauty. I have not witnessed anything more beautiful than a  snowfall, falling silently off the sky resting elegantly on the earth. It turns your mood, you know. I was busy admiring the scene, when a young lady chose to stand in front of me, seeking shelter for sometime. She had her back to me, blocking my view, which was not very pleasing to me. Then she turned around and looked me in the eye. She had dark circles around her eyes, puffy, smudged liner around the corner. She must have been in her late thirties though she looked much older in that moment. She stared deep into me as if looking for her soul. Her questioning eyes, unblinkingly probed for answers that I did not have. I got cold.Although I had people looking at me all the time, admiring their beauty, cursing their ugliness, comparing their eyes, their best and worst features, happy faces, sad lives; never had I been struck by anyone until now. She kept looking at me, at herself, struggling as if to come to a decision. What was she doing?  After all this time, reflecting the nothingness of people, I could not bring about what she wanted to see in me. She trembled at some thought, then her lips broke into a petty laugh. She turned around and walked cross the pavement and waited for a while. I could not keep my gaze off her. Still trying to figure out what it was, I saw the lamp post plunge its way into the window and shatter me to pieces in no time. As one part of me flew high, I saw the snow white ground smudged with red. Besides lay the beautiful lady, face down, blood oozing out from the back of her head, a peaceful smile on her face while her probing eyes heavily closed.




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