A Wish

Every time she found a tiny eyelash on her face, she got excited and happy as if she had found a little treasure of her own. Slowly and carefully her mother  would pick it up and place it on her tiny folded hand. “Make a wish my darling,” her mother would say and she cheerfully blew out the lash off her hand.They had played this game everytime one of her little lashes fell off. Her wish would always come true.

She looked across her room at the table on which sat her dollhouse, the same one she had seen in the big city shop. Her mother had gifted it to her on her 7th birthday that very month. Next to her was a Barbie, a play kitchen set, a tiara and  her walnut wood carved memory box. She called it her wish table. She smiled, tears rolling down her apple cheeks.

She took the curly eyelash off her face and put it on her closed hand. She closed her eyes to make her wish, one last time. “God, send my mommy back.”


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