Haunting Pain

Perish the hands that put out the flames
of the life that was yet to be
haunt their cold lifeless souls
mercilessly till eternity

Beyond the skies there is
a world where the innocents meet
in a garden of bliss they lay
in an endless calm of nights and days

Peace, an unaffordable luxury

amidst all this insanity of
bloodshed and cold hearts
I miss the sorrows we shared

The night breaks into a loud noise
sirens from the ambulance
blue and red streams the sky
it’s a flight of the hunted souls

Blinded, split, slashed, broken

there is no mercy here
beaten to death in the dawn
yesterday, a young teacher of the town

Unarmed, harmless little children
agonized by the helplessness
stones, their weapon of choice
all innocence of childhood lost

It’s blood, pepper, tear gas
stones, shells and pellets
army beats, freedom slogans
sirens, a haunting silence

The tears have all dried now
the fear has left the hearts
10, 20, 50, 80, mere numbers
what little is left of humanity!

No India, No Pakistan

Freedom from the tyranny
our call from the paradise
echoing in the skies is
Azadi, Azadi, Azadi!

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