A letter to the Teenage Me

Hi Teenage Me

It has been years since I left you, back in the peaceful happy years. Ages that seem like decades ago  when life was still smooth and the most you were worried was the next paper due. When happiness meant a day out with friends laughing and eating and a cozy Eid holiday with family! There is so much to say, I am overwhelmed by who I am today, but I will still go on anyway.

Dear teenage me, relax! There is no need to wish that you would grow up soon. It is nothing fantabulous out here. Take your time, enjoy your life while you can. No, I don’t mean to scare you, this life is good too, but what you have, is simply great. So, please don’t mess it up with things that are useless. It is not worth it, believe me.

Have fun while you can, be with your friends and spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Once you grow up, you will get so much involved in your career and ‘life’ that a few moments to spare for your friends, family and even for your own self, will seem like a rare blessing to you. And that goes the other way round too. The people who mean a lot to you will be busy in their lives too. Seeing you all grown up they will leave you to be you, most of the time, even when you might need them believing you can handle your own life, like you now think you can do.

Go out, do what you like not what others want you to do! Yes, its true, don’t live as others want you to. Live your life as you wish to. If you don’t, it is one thing that you will regret for a very long time and yes, the people you do it for will only put the blame on you. Don’t make decisions on their emotional count and don’t live their dreams. They had their chance now it is about you. Eventually you will not end up satisfied with your life and even if you do, there are very less chances of you being happy.

Stay on track, focus! Focus on what is the truth of life. Don’t get fooled by the glitter and shimmers of this fading world. Stick to the truth, be a seeker of truth. Walk always on the Straight Path and never ever think its okay, you are just a child. That you will have plenty of time when you grow old to be religious and do good deeds! Never, dear teenage me, do your bad habits leave you so easy. So stay put and set out the right foot on the right track. There is no such thing as tomorrow in life, therefore stay active, up and going.

The beauty is not on the outside but what you have inside! Yes, dear teenage me, it is true what they say. True beauty is not how you look and dress but it is who you are and how you treat others. You will see beautiful faces with ugly hearts that will make you cry and then, you will meet these not so good looking people with hearts of gold that will make your life worth living by their love, friendship and support.

Be Humble, Not Arrogant! For humbleness and kindness will add to your beautiful soul and attract more friends than enemies while arrogance , dear teenage me, like rudeness will leave you alone, unhappy and unwanted everywhere. You will see that humbleness is a fragrance that will beautify your world while arrogance, dear teenage me is a stench that will not go away.

Love will find its way to you! Dear teenage me, life is not a fantasy. Come out of your magical world of perfection and be ready to face the real world. Remember , there is no such thing as unconditional love. Only Allah, your Creator will love you unconditionally. His creation is incapable of that. There is no blame on people for that. Expect nothing or very less of His creation and everything of Him. That way you will not be hurt and you will have a sound and pure heart.

Love your parents! Yes dear teenage me, they might be driving you crazy now but belove me they are right, always! They are the only people that will never leave your side, come what may. Your friends will come and go depending who you are and what status your life has, but, your parents, your family, they are the only ones who will stick by your side when you have nothing else to hold onto.

Forgive others often! Set aside your ego, dear teenage me, you are running high on it this time. Set it aside though, for it shall break you more than it will make you. You will make a lot of mistakes in life and hurt people around you while wishing and deserving to be forgiven by them. Know then, dear teenage me, you will need to be more forgiving if you want to be forgiven by Him.

Help whenever you can! It is a good time to start out helping others. For when you grow up, you will find a few who ask for it, and fewer who seek you out for it. Help others every time you can, every little or big way you can and seek nothing in return. Do it for His and your own sake for it will be the only source of peace when you grow up that makes your life feel worthwhile.

Don’t give up on yourself! Dear teenage me, all said and done, life is a beautiful journey that everyone has to undertake. There are highs and lows,smiles and tears, anger and laughs, love and hate but every moment of it is worth it if spend in His way. Also remember, dearest teenage me, life will change and so will people and situations, but if you hold onto His Rope, His help and seek everything just of Him, and little of His people and this world, the journey will end up in a beautiful destination, the Paradise.

Build a beautiful world around you. Love life, love your family and your friends. Remember the people who stuck by you in bad times, cherished you in your success and backed you up in your failures. Be who you are, strive to become a better version of you everyday. Work hard, for there are no shortcuts in life, and have pure and good intentions for every act in your life.

Good Luck growing up, dear teenage me!


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  1. levishedated says:

    Love this: “Focus on what is the truth of life. Don’t get fooled by the glitter and shimmers of this fading world. Stick to the truth, be a seeker of truth.”

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    1. Thank you for your nice comment.


      1. levishedated says:

        You’re welcome Zahrat! 🙂
        Apologies for taking so long to reply – I just found your posts again – I had tidied them away in a drawer – sorry!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have nominated you to receive an award for this blog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Br Andrew Efo for liking the post so much 🙂 It is very encouraging!


      1. When I was looking around for contenders I wanted to encourage different types of blogging.


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