Sharing when you have nothing!

It is a strange world we live in and its people are even stranger. When I look around, I feel so much for the people living in slums, in small tents by the road. A sight that is not very rare in my part of the world. It is really worth noting that life is so much diverse and Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with much more. And I know, it is a favor of Allah for I never did anything to deserve, having been born in my home. Nevertheless, I ask myself, how these people survive in such circumstances. But I am reminded soon enough, that Allah is the Provider for all. He leaves not even an ant without its provision.

What amazes me the most is the nature of the people of this world. How people who have been given enough and some more than enough, who have abundance of food, clothes and other things, how miserly they are! How, on the contrary there are people who have little food, who hardly make their ends meet, people who have no idea whether or not there will be food for the next meal. SubhanAllah, how generous these people can be. Their houses might be small, but they are owners of a huge heart. They might have nothing but are so willing to share the smallest things with you.

Their generosity is the real kindness, the real one indeed. When people, good people for that, have food to spare, they are more than willing to share it with others. To clean their closets of all the extra clothes that they no longer need.They think they are being generous. But the real test of generosity is when people have nothing to spare. It is times like these, when Allah puts you to test. You are generous when you are willing to share from whatever little you have. In my Faith, Islam, Allah says that you do not love your brother or sister unless and until you wish for them what you wish for you.

None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself. [Al-Bukhari] [Muslim]

So, where do you stand? Put yourself to test. If there is something, be it a dress, your favorite shirt, jeans, it can be anything, a pen you like a lot, a watch , a game you carry everywhere around, anything that you are using, anything you love and can’t think to part with. Would you be able to give it up for someone, someone who might need that more than you do, or even just like that, to make someone smile, someone happy? Would you be generous enough to give that thing up?

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  1. So eye-opening. Thank you so much for sharing this insight.

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    1. If we only realize how important it is, we could help turn the world into a better place 🙂


  2. levishedated says:

    “Would you be able to give it up for someone, someone who might need that more than you do?”

    I guess the unbearable thought for me is that I would give something I loved up to someone that would not appreciated it as much as me – and then no benefit has come from the act at all.


    1. I think when we give up something for someone, even if we love them, we should not expect something in return. Whether or not they appreciate it, it still will count in your life as a good deed that will eventually be rewarded someway or the other. No good goes waste, it has a way of coming back to you 🙂

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  3. levishedated says:

    What a lovely answer Zahrat. You obviously have great depths of compassion and love. I agree with you wholeheartedly. 🙂

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