The story of Barsisa

I just watched a video, the story of Barsisa. How Satan tricked him and how he turned from a pious, learned and wise slave of Allah into a zina committing, double murderer man whose life finally ended in the highest level of shirk. Allah u Akbar!

Satan knocks on our door and even if we slightly open the door for him we have paved the way for him to enter into our life. Little by little, in small deeds that we deem as insignificant while some even disguised as good, inspired by good seeming intentions, Satan enters into our lives and without us knowing how and when, we become his slaves and abandon our true Creator!

A must watch video, an eye opener into the tricks and traps that Satan lays for us.

May Allah swt protect us from falling into the trap of Satan.Ameen.

Watch the video here
The Story of Barsisa


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