A Scene

“Why do you think like that?” She plainly asked him after hearing why he did not want to get married ever.

“You are a nice guy, a self made man, living a life that men your age envy. Smart and intelligent while being kind and caring too, a perfect husband material, she teased him. “Why, I fail to understand, why you think you are incapable of being a husband and a father?”

“It scares me”, he says in a soft choice. “Scares the whole life out of me! I have always been alone, always aloof in a crowd. Company, any sort for that matter, now scares me. I am scared to be close to anyone in my life now.”

“What about me then? she pokes him in his cheek, something she always did to annoy him as children.

“You, you are my darling sister, my best friend and comfort. We have come a long way together and apart. You, I have gotten used to, he says in his teasing tone, can’t seem to get rid of you now, can I?” He laughed his beautiful laugh, the one she had never heard from him in their childhood. “Also, being step siblings, we have come a long way. It doesn’t normally last this long”, his eyes twinkling.

“Huh! Yeah, you are too cute”, she pinched him in the arm playing and smiled.

“Don’t you think you can dodge me! I will not let go of this this time. We need to discuss it right now.”

He again teased her, “Come on grandma let it be. Leave me be.”

“No, you won’t resolve this thing unless you speak out your mind on it.”

“I am scared of failing them as he failed me”, he said in a low sad voice. “Scared, perhaps I might have slightly taken after him, in spite of always having tried not to reflect any part of him in me, ever. I am scared of being miserable all over again. I don’t have that kind of strength anymore.”

“Come on, my darling brother”, taking his arm in hers. “You are the best brother I have. You ain’t that bad and you are nothing like him. Neither you will ever be. She is a darling, she is my best friend and I have known her a long time, she will make you a happy comforting wife.Just give this thing a chance. You deserve it. Let not the misery of the past take away the happiness of your future.”


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