Behind the Blue Door

It was located right at the end of the street, round the corner that took her to home. Passing by it was her everyday routine. A forsaken blue wooden door, showing the brown wood base where the paint had worn out. Double door with a broken lock, revealing in years the times it had witnessed. What added to its mystic beauty was the beautiful spread of red floral creepers that embraced the wall around the door, extending to the top front of the door. It came off to the eye as a beautiful piece of art; a painting abandoned by its artist, an incomplete song.

It had about it a feeling of ruin that always attracted her to it. Every time she passed by it, she felt a strong pull that compelled her to go in, open the door and enter the world beyond. She always had a strange feeling about this door, as if it would open into a magical world that was unknown.Whenever Mahi passed by it, she would imagine streams of water flowing amidst the beautiful garden of flowers and trees laden with fruits. She could hear the sweet songs and calls of the birds. To her the door was guarding the secret world, hiding behind it untold stories and secrets of an unknown world.

In an otherwise very friendly neighborhood, it was deemed an outcast. The blue door house, forlorn having been there before some of its neighbors had even been born. People seldom saw them, the new people who had moved in, but talked a lot about the strangers who hardly came out. There were rarely ever seen, only known by the smoke that rose every morning from the house and by some noise. It had been just a few months since the abandoned house was taken as a home again by some outlanders. Children were asked not to go near the house, owing to the strange noises that came from the house, sometimes in the middle of nights. Surrounded by tall stoned walls, a peek inside was quite impossible. It had been passed off as a haunted house even before the new people had moved in. After that, their strange behavior was believed to be befitting the house. In spite of all the rumors, regardless of the weird stories she had heard, the blue door remained to Mahi, a  portal to some another world, a mystery!

Once while passing by, she heard for the first time, some voices. She could not help but stop. Right outside the blue door, she stood to catch of whatever was going on. Two voices caught her ears – a deep manly voice conversing with a soft , feeble toned  woman.

It is time. Prepare yourself.

Is it, already? Can’t we wait a little more?

No, it has already been 6 months. We have already been late: living beyond our means.

But…. the woman’s voice broke off. How can you do it? It is our baby you are talking about. You can’t kill our child!

Shocked at this last sentence Mahi almost let out a cry. She could not believe her ears. The rumors were after all true! She wanted to run away, but somehow her feet had stationed themselves at the base of the door.

We can’t feed them all, no we cannot. I by no means can take care of them all. One certainly has to go.

Which one, which one are you going to take, the woman cried out. How hard is your heart to pick and choose one among them? You are the cruelest person that I have ever seen.

Now, now, he said in a firm yet subdued tone. It is not that I don’t love them, I do just as you. However, my dear wife, a finger needs to be cut to save the hand.

Okay then do it, do as you like, the woman cried. Let me bring our sweet adorable baby out to you. Let me kiss it for the last time, pamper and love it, one last time.

Silence followed, Mahi could hear no word, just a few steps that faded away within seconds. Her heart was getting heavy at the thought. She was getting scared, fearful of what was about to happen. Her imaginary dream world that lay beyond these blue doors had come crumbling down on her. The rumors she had paid no heed to, were enacting right here, right now. She should go get someone, she thought. Maybe call out in the street for help. She would not let anything that bad happen while she knew. She was a brave girl; she could not just let it be. Running wild in her thoughts, she heard the woman come back again. She heard soft sobs and heavy footsteps.

Here, take her. Look how charming she is. Look at her eyes. How can you do this to her!

Okay, woman, stop crying. You are making me nervous. We are in this together. I told you the day we moved in that this was in the coming. Now stop crying and get me my knife.

Knife, did she hear it correctly. What the hell was going on!

Lay her down here while I ready my knife.

Mahi could not breathe anymore. She could not just let someone die, get killed, while she stood overhearing at an arm’s distance of saving the child.

Yes, yes, come to baba, my love. Everything is going to be alright. I love you darling, we both love you. But we will have to let you go. Forgive us, our love. You are the youngest and the prettiest of them all. But baby, I have no choice, I have to let you go.

Amidst a little moaning voice, the man’s voice comes off, Please be still darling. On the count of three, then, dear wife, you can turn your head away and close your eyes.



No! No you can’t do this. Mahi flung the door open. How dare you kill your child? How dare you…she stopped. She could not believe her eyes. Before her was an old man, with a knife in his hand. Adjacent to her, an old woman, weak, hunch backed. She could not believe her eyes when she saw what the old man was holding by the neck. She let out a cry! A beautiful black eyed beauty, in precious white fur, was a little curled up white lamb!

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