Cry, Cry your heart out
Let those tears flow
Let them wash away
the hurt from your face, the pain
in your heart, the sorrow of your soul.

Clearing the mist in your eyes
Let them show you the way
Come back to who loves you
Come back to your Best Friend
Come back to Me.

You won’t find anything there
All your yearnings are with me
You won’t find the way unless
All your paths lead to Me
Share those smiles for my love
laugh with them for their sake
Cry, dear, cry alone with Me.

Its nothing there, trust me when I say
There is neither any gain nor loss
Believe me when I say
With Me is your joy
In my remembrance you find peace.

Your every dream, your every fear
your sorrows and your joy
all your world is from Me
With me is your soul
Between My hands is your heart.

Come back to me
Come back to me
There is nothing there
Nothing that is of you
Come back to me
Without Me there is no you.


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