Zuleikha and the Pekinese Dog

Zuleikha was again late to work. It had become her routine for the past week. To drop her daughter to school, taking her  tantrums  over a new dress that she wanted to buy which was way too expensive and out of their budget for now. It was already hard on her not to be able to buy her darling something she desired, harder not being able to make her see the point. I will get it for you in the next month. Sweetheart show some patience, she would say. But Zara was in no mood to hear that. Her eyes were set on it as was her heart. Every day she passed through the store, near her school, her tantrums only grew louder and louder.

Today, it was different though. When the car slid through the store window, Zara let out in an angry tone, “If only Dad were here, he would have let me have it. If only you had left him stay with me”. Zuleikha’s foot stumped on the brakes, the car jerked to a halt. Zara knew she had crossed her line. She opened the door and ran to her school, ashamed of how she had behaved. At the gate she stopped to look back at the car, at her mother.

Zuleikha abandoned her car too distracted to drive to work. A walk perhaps would calm the ongoing tornado of emotions inside her head, she thought. She walked slowly, dragging herself along the road. It was not her fault he had walked out on them. He had found new ambitions when his boss’s daughter had thrown herself on him. He blatantly cheated on her and cruelly put them past his future dreams of success. She still had not forgiven him. However, she had never let Zara know the truth. Zara was too fond of her dad. Though she knew that Zara believed her to be responsible for what had happened, she was just protecting her from falling out, holding back the ugly side of her beloved dad.

While walking, she stepped on something that let out a groan. She looked down to find a Pekinese dog crawling on the road. It had a cute red bow that matched with her sweater. Smiling down to pet it, she discovered it had hurt its leg. She took it in her arms and carefully placed it into her hand bag. She walked to the bus stop knowing there was a vet nearby. In the bus she felt just as the dog. Lonely, hurt and in pain. She pampered it with comforting words, consoling her own hurting heart with that. The dog grew quiet, relieved to have someone with it. It looked at her with love, the affection of a companion that set the tornado of feelings in her heart to calm. She found comfort and solace by just helping the little beauty, stroking its white fur. That was how she was, nurturing others without much care for her own feelings. She was not selfless, but she had always put the happiness and needs of others before her own. This nature had brought her more harm that good. However, that had never changed her heart.


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