The Sunflower Field

Musa sat in silence contemplating the sounds of life around him. The water flowing softly over his feet in the narrow stream, the little tweets of the Bulbul coming from the Fig tree. Before him lay the sunflower field, tall sunflowers, large and round bathing in the blissful sun. The field was surrounded by the mountains, snow clad at the peaks, not very far from him, standing in all majesty. It was very peaceful there, serene and calm, so much that it always reminded him of her. It was her favorite place. As children, it had been their place, their escape from the obscure world. They would sit there for hours together, swishing their feet in the stream, trousers folded to their ankles, sharing life between laughs and tears. It was here where they had shared their stories of pain and hurt, their small joys and big dreams, fascinations and imaginations, secrets and fears. She had been his strength and solace, comforting him, inspiring hope and faith in his heart. She was the only person he could open his heart to, the only one he had never feared to reveal himself to. Maryam who was his foster sister, to this day remained his only best friend.


Musa remembered how she looked on that day, a beautiful memory that had stayed in his heart as an unyielding fragrance, struggling to replace his gloomy childhood memories. A beautiful round faced girl, chubby with red cherry cheeks. She had curly black hair that came down to her shoulders, bouncy and shining, reflecting the summer sun. She wore a green knee length floral shirt with yellow trousers, camouflaging with the sunflower field. She always smiled her pretty warm smile that filled his heart with an unexplained happiness and comfort. He had witnessed yet another nerve wrecking argument between his parents. He was not alone all his friends being a witness there on his tenth birthday. One by one they had left the party, leaving them between shouts and Musa in silent tears. Maryam stood in front of him, blocking his view of their fight. She wiped his tears, blocked his ears with her tiny hands but in vain. His tears would not stop. She then took him by hand, walking across their house, through the apple orchards, into the sunflower field. He silently followed her into her world.


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