Fact and Fiction

1 Fact / 3 Fictions

The autumn is one of the most pleasing seasons to her. With colors changing from her favorite green to golden brown, turning over a beautiful picturesque view, she lets out a long sigh, realizing it will be barren soon. When there are no colors and everything will be in its naked form, she just hopes that the long winter that was ahead of her would fly by. Though she always felt home at winters, this year she is scared to face them alone. While that is bound to happen, she decides to enjoy the fallen Chinar leaves that grace the ground in a love of life.

3 Fictions / 1 Fact

She stood there watching the kids play, three girls and two boys. One by one they huddled around and laughed and laughed away. A cheerful sight, that reminded her of the years gone by. She went to stroke one little girl’s hair, who just fell off and let out a cry. Her doll broke off its arms as she fell. Those made her cry more than her own hurt. Little girls! She thought in her head, crying over the broken arms of her doll while her knees bled.

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