September Rain

While it has been raining consistently since last night without a halt, abruptly ending the September warmth, a reminder of the coming winter spree; as a child the rain brought with it plenty of fun and excitement which over the years has somehow turned into a gloomy spell. Now it is more reminiscent of trouble than childhood fun. With last year’s floods still fresh in minds, September rain will always bring back memories of pain for a long time. People now recognize it as the month of rain, the month of horrible pain and loss! One sad memory can replace many a moments of joy. However I have come to realize that in the long run, these small moments gain the power to subdue the pangs of hurt.This too shall pass paving way for a more happy and grateful hearts, in sha Allah.

Ah! September so shall you remain
memoir of their loss and pain
fret not for they shall forget
in time will the tragedy fade
and the lessons that you brought
Ah! September, they too shall be washed away!

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