Small, chirpy creatures always in pair with a wonderful ability of recognition. We have many nightingales in our area probably because this part of the suburb is still a lot more greener than its city counterparts. Fresh, breezy with Mashaallah a beautiful mountain view on one side and a lake on the other. There are many fruit orchards in the vicinity so that too contribute to the presence of these beautiful birds here among many others.

We have parakeets feeding on the walnut tree, a whole community of wild crows settled in the same walnut tree. Their squeaks irritate me a lot at times, wonder what all those are about, what are they discussing or doing! And then we have these brown styled manna’s. These are the ones who can’t seem to stop fighting with each other. They are really something, they will fight, then they will walk in pride to your window sill with that amazing walk of theirs and that absolutely touching hairstyle πŸ™‚ Funny,I actually remember one day when this manna came right up to our kitchen window in the very same style. Attitude hah!

Though I hold no grudges against the noisy crows or these quarrelsome manna’s but my favorites are the calm, mostly quiet, melodious , highly observant and intelligent nightingales. They remember you and they remember routines. Mashaallah. If you keep one specific time for them to feed they will return always on that time unless they are very hungry and haven’t had anything all day. And if you are not there, they will locate you in any part of the house , peeking in with their flexible necks in the most adorable way I have ever seen.

I had a beautiful pair of nightingale coming to my window in the room during my college years and I loved to feed them. They would just sit there on my window sill, eat their full and keep looking at me for sometime before they flew to their home in the small pomegranate tree we had. They were a cute little distraction which often took off my mind from things.Alhamdulillah.

They have another friend here, my mother. Everyday she feeds them whenever they come to the kitchen window at particular times of the of day. When they don’t find her on the kitchen they come around the house to the living room side and stick up against the window and look at her as if calling her while we all tease her about her friends. They particularly look at her and flock away to the kitchen when she gets up to feed them.

Sometimes they annoy her too when they spoil her laundry that she hangs out for drying in the sun. That time they are sort of grounded when she doesn’t feed them the next time. But our cute nightingale here know how exactly to make it up to her. They frequent their visits and follow her everywhere around the house with that innocent look as if pleading their case with her.They win , every time πŸ™‚

They are small but they are beautiful, my favorite birds. I sometimes notice how when all these birds of my house ( I want to believe they live with us) come together for a feed. There are beautiful pigeons, tiny sparrows, crows, manna and these nightingales. First the crows scare them all, its like they have an upper hand. I sometimes imagine them as the gangsters of the community, with these big gold chains hung around their tiny necks. Ah all that noise they make. The damsel in distress are the pretty pigeons. They stay together in a flock, come and leave together. They take a little of what they can find and fly away when these gangsters are around. Other times they sun bathe and eat at ease. The manna, they are second to crows in supremacy I guess. Crows don’t scare them and they don’t mind their presence. These smarty pants scare off the others though, the sparrows and the nightingales both shy away in their presence. And they care less. Once I actually had to force a manna to fly away to let the sparrows and the nightingales have their share of the feed. Just imagine its audacity, it came back the moment I took off my eyes from the window, terrorizing the innocents. I then shooed it away for good.

I believe that nightingales and for that sparrows as well are calm and easy going with lot of patience and tolerance for others in their community. Sparrows, I have sometimes seen quarreling with their tiny wings, but nightingales I have never seen them fight. They are naughty too. More than once did they come into the kitchen while I was cooking through the open window, many a times they just sit on the window top , silently watching.I absolutely love these adorable creatures.

Even now while I am writing this, I can hear them on the pomegranate tree, chirping sweetly in their voice welcoming the beautiful day head of them.Β β™₯


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