In the waiting room !!

Today I went to a dental clinic for a checkup, a cavity seems to be finding its way back in my teeth (that ain’t happening baby). Anyway as I sat there the doc yet had to call in…so had to wait for quite a time.It is when I realized how awkward that can really be.We were in this  pale yellow bricked room,though spacious, it seemed quite small and had a lot of wall hangings put on. So to kill time I started reading all of those hangings on the wall that I was facing. Some were visible enough to read and others seriously even if I stood near it I would need a magnifying glass to read them. Once I read them all, it was then I realized, now I had nothing, absolutely nothing to do. I looked up only to see blank faces around me… people of course set in their own thoughts,worrying about their own worlds,running a mental list of errands they had for the day, the days to come. I looked from face to face only to realize that they were looking back as expressionless as a stone could be. It was really awkward and to add to it I had left my cellphone back (that would have been an easy distraction as was for the other guy who seemed unaware of everything around him, he was  just into his cell !!) . I had no idea what to do next.There were like ten people in there with me (early morning, I inferred)  and my dad was right there with me but he ain’t much of a talker and seemingly he left both of us to our own thoughts. Generally people, do talk…at least about current happenings and stuff specially  from where I am  (Kashmir),surprisingly, there were more women present and still the room was as silent as  night. I was wondering what had gotten into people. Aah they had lost the will of talking. NOT GOOD !! Anyways I gathered people had lost their spirits because of these recent hartals and curfews. That is a routine now, since last decade,that being a first hand witness to them having grown up in this time.

Anyways there on dis wall a sign said, “Dear patient , Good things come to those  people who wait. Your turn will come. Please wait.” I read it once and moved on to the next ones.But I found myself coming back to it again and again.It was so easily perfect for the waiting room…but then it really dawned upon me or my mind was stressing me onto it… the waiting room where I was with other ppl was just like this world. We were all waiting…all there in our own thoughts, waiting! as we always have for some things and then for some other things and so on. We always seem to be in the same process; IN THE WAITING !!  waiting for things to turn up our ways…waiting endlessly for something good,something great to happen to us…something we have always wanted.We are actually never in any other phase are we ?? We get one thing out of life  and begin our ‘waiting’ for another.Its Iike a cycle, a never ending one.Though the very next line reminded me that ”Your turn will come” , I found myself thinking about it with a good feeling.Yeah baby!!  my turn will come. And then my heart said it again, yes your turn will come with a more pleasing assurance.I was thinking about all those things that I was waiting for and hoping that this year will bring , putting an end to  the ‘waiting.’ Patience was its demand and so i would be patient and i am waiting  for it.

These thoughts of mine were broken by my dad pointing out to me another wall hanging that read ” Better be alone than in a bad company” .Immediately without thinking did I hear myself saying…yeah !! am too old to get into a bad company now (in my head), outside of it i just nodded in an affirmative.

Then the doctor came in and the waiting room turned alive with people sitting back straight, as if awakened from their sluggish open eyed sleep. And now the feet started tapping, as if they  grew impatient at the very end.I was really amused.Its always like that when we are very close to something important,   we really wanna get to it and become so impatient that the patience we endured all along throughout the period of reaching there, seems all out. But again that moment is both exciting as  well as scaring.


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