The Spring is here !!

At last ! here it finally comes…the much awaited, much needed, fresh breath of life. After a long dry spell of winter this year ( not much snowfall…which i really missed ) the spring is right here knocking in our lives. Not that i don’t like the winter… i just luv all d seasons (not equally though),  for all d gud reasons. So here after such long time….do i hear the lovely birds singing, chirping, flying out happy to have their sky back. The lush green lawns, the green  emerging as if overnight from that colorless life it had.The trees stretching out , breathing out  the buds which soon will transform into full blown glory.The early flowers are out there smiling, beaming with the sun.The air is so wonderful here as if reincarnating the joys within.The cool breeze against the face and the beams glowing it, a rendezvous beyond delight.Finally, its like the world is happy again !!!

The spring in full bloom assures my unrest heart that the summer will bring good things,in shaa Allah. I am pretty sure Allah has His own ways of giving assurance, of letting us know that after a long winter is endured, the spring though not eternal,always is  there.That the spring will be followed by the b’ful summer as well. That there are great things to look forward to.To have  hope and faith  in the One, who is Al-Baqi (the Everlasting One) and also who is Al-Kareem (the Generous One). With all that being said, lets see what this summer brings !!

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