An infinite blessing !

I once came around this b’ful picture while surfing the net. When my eyes caught the glimpse of this one, it really put a smile on my face and a kind of weird joy leapt in my heart. Gazing at it for a long time i realized how wonderfully have we been blessed by Allah almighty.A real blessing….our parents. We often undermine their presence in our life.I guess because we know that they are here, they will be here by our side whenever we need them.A blessing i guess taken for granted. No, i am not saying that we don’t love them or care for them…nah!!  we do in our own ways,we do.Some children are quite expressive with their feelings.I like those kind although i am not be one of them(though i wish i was) . I find myself really shying away when it comes to show my mother or my father my love for them.I have never been able to tell them exactly what they mean to me. They may possibly and hopefully be aware of it but i have never given them an exhibit of any kind.Well i guess i am an idiot for never telling them that they are my world, that i cant even begin to imagine my life without them or my brothers.That,they are the only people i cannot live without.Such a simple feeling which never developed into words in their presence.(right now i am still being an emotional coward,writing about it and still not telling them.cant help it i guess or maybe one day in-sha-allah i will…how hard can it really be).

Well this picture brought a lot of happy memories to my mind,of childhood,of my mother’s love n care,of a lot of things. I miss that time,when we were just kids  and our parents meant a whole world to us. A dad’s praise meant an achievement and a mom’s hug meant nothing could ever go wrong.

Thinking about it now being all grown up n stuff , we are dragging  ourselves away from them without realizing , what we are missing on. Times have changed and with it our emotions too, i fear. Now we spend so little time with our parents.Even in the same house, being in the same room with them, we still are not with them. We are in that virtual world of Facebook, twitter and a lot more.These things sure did bring people closer but i feel they took away the closeness though.Little do we realize that each moment we spend with them,each laugh that we share will house in our hearts forever as the most cherished moment which could never be replaced again.

“My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.” [Qur’an, Surah Al-Isra, 17:23-24]

May Allah protect our parents , keep them in good health , forgive them and make us all a source of joy and peace to them. Ameen.

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