The Story of Luqman Al-Hakim

Luqman Al-Hakim, is a name I am sure we are all familiar with. We have heard of his name and some of his good advice too, not to mention the famous proverbs. Did you know that there is an entire chapter dedicated to this noble slave of Allah, in the Quran. And he was not…

An Amazing Dua That Promises To Grant You Everything You Ask For

Dua is the most powerful weapon of a believer. You might have heard this sentence many times. You might have made thousands of adiya (prayers, plural of dua), some of which might have come true for you while others might not have been realized as of yet. It is normal and happens to everyone. It…

She Did Not Want It Anyways!

”Why do you keep saying that.” ”She ruined our chances of happiness.” ”I don’t understand why you want to blame it on her.’’ ”It’s the truth. From the beginning she didn’t want to have it. Not yet, was the only reply I got whenever I brought up the subject. We have our careers to built….

Don’t Cut the Strings

Gibran paced the floors of the Big Mall, checking in and out of every shoe store. He couldn’t find it, nothing even similar to it. But he kept looking, determined not to give up. ”It’s okay if you don’t find it” his wife placed her hand on his shoulder ”we will get her another pair.”…

26 and Counting

“Stand up.” “Turn around your chair and walk straight. I can help you” he said in his strong husky voice.”I can help you die.” She stood up, hypnotized walking straight to the large window frame. The world seemed a child’s model of the world from the 70th floor of her office building. “Stop” he commanded…


Faraway in a distant land they meet everyday one hurts, one heals one is loved, one loves one takes, one gives one talks, one listens one says, one feels one laughs, one cries one is mind, one is soul.

The Club

”Irena, would you like to share something with us” I asked the girl who looked ten years older than her age. She hesitated, but with a little encouragement from others, she was ready to open up today. She shifted a little in her chair to finally speak after a week long of silent attendance.” “It…


I am hurt,  she thought You are scared, she heard I am worried of what will be you are only frightened to fall it is out there waiting for me it is all here in your mind.


You laughed, I laughed with you you cried, I wiped away your tears I laughed, you forced a smile I cried, you laughed at my fears.    


It was time that I let go of everything that held me to you tearing apart my soul from you broke me into a million parts. Time will heal the wounds but I am scared you will always live with me in the scars.  

Undone on Streets

He returned again, empty-handed, not as much as a cent in his hand. After an hour’s wait, he showed up nonchalantly. “I didn’t get anything….nobody gave me anything”, he stammered to her raging glare. “They all shoo me away, what can I do….” A tight slap across his cheek stopped him. Tears streamed their way on…

Rise and Shine

The sunflower beamed, its loveliest smile at me, kissing my hand, it said to me, be bright, be sunny, be generous, be kind, everywhere you go, spread the seeds of love, of happiness, of peace. Hold up your head high, but humble your heart and soul. Seek the sun in your life, everyday, my darling,…